Therapies and health benefits

Therapies and health benefits

The thermal hydrotherapy of Comano is a natural treatment and it has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the respiratory system. In particular:

  • it strengthens the mucus membranes
  • it stimulates the activity of the immune system
  • it lowers the production of pro-inflammatory substances
  • it cleanses the respiratory tract.

The inhalations using the thermal spring water of Comano:

  • deliver a clinical improvement,
  • reduce the phlogistic relapses of the respiratory tract inflammation
  • reduce the sensation of nasal obstruction
  • reduce the intense sneezing
  • normalize the nasal mucus secretion.

Important clinical studies have shown that the thermal spring water of Terme di Comano reduces the inflammation of the mucus membrane, increases the levels of antibodies, improves the mucociliary transport, and cleans the respiratory system. Thermal water inhalations using the thermal spring water of Comano are well tolerated by all groups of patients: this is why they can be safely recommended also to particularly sensitive patients, like allergic children who cannot be treated with common inhalations of sulphurous water or salt-bromine-iodine water. A complete therapy cycle requires 24 thermal water inhalation sessions (inhalations or aerosol treatments), to be done once or twice a day for 12-14 following days. In addition to this, for specific cases, it is possible to use nasal showers (once a day) or pulmonary ventilation.