Natural Wellness at Terme di Comano

When Nature heals

The large, 14 hectare Terme di Comano park offers blooming meadows, centuries-old trees, streams, small lakes and walking trails. It is a natural oasis that invites our guests to reconnect with their surroundings, rediscover their inner selves and their bodies and clear their minds.

This is where the new “Terme di Comano Natural Wellness” programs are born: physical exercise activities in the open air that will allow guests to experience authentic well-being in contact with the park.

Simple exercise to be performed in the company of our trainers in a relaxing woody area of the large Terme di Comano park, that will help our guests reconnect their rhythms with those of Nature and thereby acquire feelings of peace and harmony.

Barefoot in the park Terme di Comano
Barefoot in the park
Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong lessons Terme di Comano
Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong lessons
Total immersion in Nature Terme di Comano
Total immersion in Nature


Barefoot walks on the grass and on the park trails in a state of directed attention, to generate relaxation, vitality and concentration by harmonising your breathing with your steps, combined with energy awakening, postural alignment, balance and static and dynamic meditation techniques derived from Yoga, Qi-Gong and Chi-Walking.

Sensorial Trails

A path through the trees for walking barefoot along eleven ‘sensorial stations’ consisting of different materials that totally stimulate sight, hearing, touch and smell.

The new Sensorial Trail offers you a unique walking experience that helps you re-focus your attention, reduce stress and stimulate the immune system, all things that generate inner balance.

The aim is to reawaken the channels of perception and to relive forgotten sensations and emotions. Along the new Terme di Comano Sensorial Trail you will be guided by the expert therapist Stefano Bianchi who will help you enjoy an experience of listening and awareness free from all constraints.