The thermal park

Nature that heals and is good for you.

Wide green spaces, rare and centuries-old plants, as well as small placid lakes and a whole network of trails, pathways and routes for jogging and walking in the open air. The Terme di Comano park is a veritable corner of paradise, a sort of all-natural ‘therapy’ for body and mind. Precisely for this reason, as of this year the park will be used as the venue for the new Natural Wellness activities included in the Comano Activity program.

In the Terme di Comano park you can spend moments of relaxation and well-being with your family. There are two playgrounds for your smaller children who will be free to enjoy the swings, the spring riders and the slides, a multi-purpose sports field, a circuit training path and the Laghetto snack bar kiosk for a light, tasty rest in the shade of the tall trees.

14 hectares of pure Nature Terme di Comano
14 hectares of pure Nature
Guided sensorial trails Terme di Comano
Guided sensorial trails
Perfect for the children Terme di Comano
Perfect for the children

Relaxation and well-being, at any age!

The 14 hectare park of Terme di Comano is a veritable opportunity for achieving wellness for all guests, including their families. The contact with Nature, the fresh mid-mountain air, the wide green spaces in which to walk, relax and practice healthy physical activities are precious gifts that you can enjoy every day, also thanks to Comano Activity, the daily schedule of appointments for movement and relaxation thought out for everybody and conducted by the trainers of the Spa.

Want some examples? Stretching, postural training, Pilates, muscle awakening workout, oxygenating walks and much more. Every day is a good day for staying in shape and for having fun.

An open-air Spa.

Walking barefoot in the grass, listening in silence to the burbling of a stream, partake heart and soul in the comforting rustling of the trees. In our large park there is everything you need to find peace and well-being.

Even more so this year thanks to the new “Natural Wellness” proposals, the guided activities in the open air specifically designed to dissipate stress and negative thoughts. One of these proposals is the ‘Sensorial Trail’ for walking barefoot through various sensorial stations made of various different materials such as pine cones, bark, leaves, logs and water. An appeasing experience capable of stimulating the senses of touch, hearing, sight and smell and of regenerating one’s inner balance.

In addition to this proposal there are Forest Bathing, Breathwalking, energy re-awakening and energy relaxation activitiesd, as well as moments of meditation conducted on charming wooden platforms in the forest.