The Children’s Spa

A children’s department for skin and respiratory treatments

The Terme di Comano thermal baths are classified as a Children’s Spa.

The Spa has its own colourful and made-to-measure pediatric department where children can successfully be treated for atopic dermatitis and allergic rhinitis. The department’s specialist medical staff composed by pediatricians, allergists, dermatologists and ear nose and throat specialists follows the young guests for the entire duration of the treatment with a customised therapy plan that ensures better results and better hospitality.

Customised therapy plans
The best specialists for your children
Lots of outdoor playgrounds for fun before and after the treatments

Why Spa treatments?

Thermal water treatments are the simplest and most natural way of treating and preventing children’s respiratory and skin disorders. From the very first cycle, the Spa treatment reduces the probability of a flare-up and its intensity. This leads to a considerable reduction in the need to use medicines.

Why Terme di Comano?

At Terme di Comano children can count on a children’s department directed by Dr. Ermanno Baldo, a pediatrician specialised in allergology, who was formerly the chief physician of the pediatrics department at the Hospital of Rovereto (Trento). In the Spa’s children department there is a bathing area dedicated to the treatment of atopic dermatitis, with individual child-sized tubs, and another area dedicated to the treatment of respiratory ailments with inhalation therapy stations. The department also includes a children’s allergology and pulmonology section that sees to the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases and of chronic pulmonary diseases.

What about the time before and after treatment? At Terme di Comano children not only get treatment but can also blend psycho-physical wellbeing with fun. The 14 hectare park offers them the use of the Drop’s Village and Sybil’s Castle play areas where they can run and play freely while enjoying the oxygenated air of the nearby mountains, in contact with Nature and safe from traffic.