The water

Drink. Breathe. Bathe.

The water of the Terme di Comano springs is good for you. Science says it as well as the research studies of the Istituto Gian Battista Mattei institute and of the most prestigious Italian universities. What really proves it, though, are the thousands of people who each year use it to heal their skin and respiratory problems.

Do you like folk traditions? Did you know that a famous local legend claims that the prophetess Sybil cured a man simply by bathing him in a pond of water inside her cavern, right here at Comano Terme?

Diuretic and detoxifying effect
Anti-inflammatory action on psoriasis and dermatitis
Detergent, regenerating and immunomodulating properties

Low mineral content water with bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium.

The therapeutic effects of the Terme di Comano water are renowned throughout Europe and depend on its composition.

Low mineral content water with bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium: this extraordinary spring stands out for its wonderful diuretic and detoxifying virtues that are accompanied by the already known anti-inflammatory, scar-forming, soothing and softening properties, ideal for treating the most common skin diseases such as psoriasis or dermatitis.

The scientific research conducted on the water of the Terme di Comano springs is ongoing. Recent studies on the action mechanism of its microbiome have shown the presence of a large community of microorganisms, almost all previously unknown to science, that add to the list a precious regenerating, immunomodulating and antibacterial action.