Therapies and health benefits

Therapies and health benefits

The thermal hydrotherapy offered in Comano treats psoriasis with balneotherapy, also in combination with phototherapy. As confirmed by several important medical studies, bathing in thermal spring water reduces the itching sensation, the inflammation, and the redness of the erythema, while it increases the duration of the remission phases between flare-ups. With time, thermal hydrotherapy delivers a clinical improvement without side effects. The thermal spring water of Comano is calcium-magnesium-bicarbonate with a constant temperature of 27 °C. Its anti-inflammatory, soothing, and emollient properties have been demonstrated: it inhibits the production and secretion of cytokines and pro-inflammatory chemokines of the psoriatic cells; it hampers the inflammatory mechanism of psoriasis and significantly reduces its activity.
The thermal hydrotherapy provided in Comano is a natural treatment, without contraindications, and it is particularly efficient as therapeutic option or as an additional treatment to the therapy followed during the year.

It allows to suspend the use of systemic medication employed to deal with severe forms of psoriasis or at least to reduce the use of topical medication between two therapy cycles.

Treatment protocol at Terme di Comano

At Terme di Comano, after a preliminary medical examination, our specialist medical staff in thermal hydrotherapy devises a customized therapy plan for people affected by psoriasis. The therapy takes into account the specific characteristics of the patient, possible concurrent pathologies, and the treatments already in use. The thermal water therapy cycle with the best results requires at least 12/15 days.

  • Balneotherapy: it consists in lying in bathtubs filled with thermal spring water for 20 minutes. According to the clinical situation and the general health condition observed during the medical examination at the beginning of the treatment, the therapy requires one or two bathing sessions per day. The thermal bathing sessions take place in single bathrooms where only the patient can access, except for people requiring assistance. The bathtubs have been designed or adapted to meet the access needs of people with physical impairments. All bathrooms are equipped with shower towels and bathing towels that are provided for free by the thermal center.
    A full treatment protocol consists of 25 bathing sessions in thermal spring water. The medical care provided by the specialist medical staff of the thermal center is granted for the entire duration of the treatment.
  • Photo-balneotherapy: the bathing sessions in thermal spring water are combined with the exposition to narrow band UVB rays. The phototherapy sessions take place daily, right after the bathing sessions. The patients are assisted by the nursing staff, under supervision of the medical staff. For treatments for the scalp, Terme di Comano offers a unique technology for partial phototherapy that uses a special comb, a treatment available only at our center.
  • Drinking water therapy: in addition to the thermal bathing sessions, in order to replace the fluids and minerals lost in sweat, it is advised to drink a maximum of 1 liter of thermal spring water per day.