Therapies and benefits

Therapies and benefits

The thermal hydrotherapy offered in Comano treats atopic dermatitis with balneotherapy. This treatment is completely natural, effective, and safe and it is used in alternative to or combined with conventional therapy.

The efficiency of thermal hydrotherapy has been confirmed by numerous medical studies, besides:

  • it has no side-effects
  • it allows to suspend medication for the entire duration of the therapy and it allows to substantially reduce the use of topical medications (e.g. corticosteroids) during the following months.

A therapy cycle with the thermal spring water of Comano:

  • reduces the itching sensation and the redness of the skin
  • promotes a substantial and enduring reduction of the symptoms of this condition
  • improves the hydration of the skin
  • restores the hydrolipidic layer of the skin, strengthening its protection
  • reduces acute flare-ups and lengthens remission periods.

Treatment protocol at Terme di Comano

At Terme di Comano, after a preliminary medical examination, our specialist medical staff in thermal hydrotherapy devises a customized therapy plan for every child or adult treated for atopic dermatitis. The therapy takes into account the specific characteristics of the patient, possible concurrent pathologies, and the treatments already in use. Without the use of medication, the thermal water therapy cycle with the best results requires at least 10/12 days.

Balneotherapy consists in lying in bathtubs filled with thermal spring water for 10-15 minutes. According to the age of the child and the clinical situation observed during the medical examination at the beginning of the treatment, the therapy requires one or two bathing sessions per day. Hydrotherapy is suitable for children from 8 months upwards. The thermal bathing sessions take place in private bathrooms, where the child enters accompanied by an adult relative. All bathrooms are equipped with shower towels and bathing towels that are provided for free by the thermal center. The thermal center features a colorful and friendly department tailored-made for the treatment of children, with smaller bathtubs, bathing toys, and changing tables. A full treatment protocol consists of 12-15 bathing sessions in thermal spring water for children, and 20 bathing sessions for adults. The medical care provided by the specialist medical staff of the thermal center is granted for the entire duration of the treatment.