Treatment packages

Fees applicable for the entire season (5th April – 3rdNovember)

*The price does not include the compulsory preliminary medical examination’s cost.

Thermal treatments' packages


6 hydro massages package* (EB)

€ 135,00

6 ozone baths package* (EB)

€ 112,50

6 vaginal irrigations package (B)

€ 72,50

Single treatments 

Fees applicable for the entire season (5th April – 3rd November)

Medical-diagnostic examinations

Preliminary medical examination (PB)

€ 40,00

Medical interview for hydro massages (PB)

€ 10,00

Final medical examination (PB)

€ 20,00

Thermal hydrotherapy treatments


Thermal hydromassage (VP)

€ 26,50

Ozone bath (VP) € 25,00

Vaginal irrigation (VP)

€ 13,00

Drinking water therapy

Single access to the thermal spring

€ 2,50

Half a day entry

€ 5.50

1 day entry

€ 7,00

15 day access

€ 37.00

P = the treatments are provided by physicians, E = mandatory medical examination, B = booking is mandatory
The prices could be subject to change.

The preliminary medical examination must be booked in advance. You have to make the reservation at least one day before the beginning of the thermal hydrotherapy treatments. Without prior booking, the medical examination will be possible subject to availability and to the payment of a fee of € 10,00 per person. To book the preliminary medical examination, click here.