Access to the treatments

Access to the treatments

All citizens who are residents of the European Union can access the thermal hydrotherapy treatments offered at the center

  • by paying a fee (treatment costs are at the patient’s charge),
  • by producing an S2 form that entitles patients to receive planned health care treatments in another EU or EFTA country.
  • by seeking cross-border healthcare pursuant to directive 2011/24/EU, which establishes that citizens entitled to health care services through the national health care system of one EU member state have the right to choose to receive health care services in another member state, dependent on the fact that the health care services required are eligible according to the national laws of the country where the patient is resident.

Access to the treatments with an S2 form

  1. require prior authorization, to be issued with an S2 form by the health care provider to which the patient is insured or by which the patient is covered.
  2. produce the S2 form at the offices of Terme di Comano in order to be entitled to a preliminary medical examination. The access to the treatments requested by the form (thermal spring water baths, inhalations, hydromassage, drinking water therapy, pulmonary ventilation, vaginal irrigations) is subject to the payment of a fee of € 50,00 (required by Italian law for all patients).

Access to the treatments in the case of cross-border health care

  1. contact the national contact point of your member state in order to verify the health care options available through cross-border health care and the reimbursable expenses.
  2. access the thermal hydrotherapy treatments offered at the center by paying the access fee and by presenting a referral letter or other documentation required by the national law of your country, asking for the invoice and receipt.
  3. apply for the reimbursement of the costs to the competent health care institution of your country.